Our practice focuses on the professional and small business entrepreneur and his or her business and family. Our primary focus is to work with these clients in helping them formulate, implement and maintain a strategic financial cacoon for the business and family throughout its life cycle to facilitate the fulfillment of the stated objectives at every phase. We use 50 years of life experience in the financial services industry and employ risk management techniques, saving and investment strategies as well as intermediary services to facilitate the acquisition of financial services products necessary for the fulfillment of the strategic elements. We position ourselves as long term partners of our clients in seeing their goals materialize.  


The Origins of "9dots99" as our website name.

The "9dots"

Watch the Video for a detailed explanation.

This was the genesis for our firm's tag line... 

...beyond conventional wisdom, lies opportunity....

The "99"

We have a battery of at least 99 Creative Solutions with which to address clients' financial challenges and often we look outside the box to find the right solution.

While the center of our Universe is Burlington, Ontario, our service territory is typically the GTA and the Niagara Peninsula, we are licensed to provide service  anywhere is  Ontario, Canada.

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