Tax Relief for Charitable Donors

Tax Relief for Donors – Individuals, Trusts and Corporations

giftingCantax2Charitable giving offers benefits to both the donor and the communities served by the charities receiving the donations. Canada supports private-sector charitable giving by granting:


Qualified donees

To receive tax benefits, donations must be to qualified donees. These are:

  • registered Canadian charities (including Canadian universities and colleges);
  • registered Canadian amateur athletic associations;
  • certain non-profit housing corporations for the elderly;
  • the United Nations and related agencies;
  • Canadian or provincial governments, crown foundations and municipalities;
  • foreign charities to which the government of Canada has made a gift in the donor’s taxation Year or in the 12 months preceding that year;
  • prescribed foreign universities.


To be able to offer you a tax receipt for charitable donations the charity needs to be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

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