No Medical, Simplified Issue Life Insurance with heart disease, affordable life insurance up to $500,000

heart disease2Heart Attack, bypass surgery, stent insertion, High blood pressure, angina, stroke, pacemakers all have chance of Life Insurance Coverage Up to $500,000 with


LAB TESTS like blood, or other fluids.



Comprehending life insurance and one’s ability to acquire some can be difficult, especially when you have heart disease or after having a heart attack. Getting a diagnosis of heart disease can leave one anxious, worried, and overwhelmed. Focusing on taking care of yourself and your heart should be foremost in your life. Faced with high medical costs and difficulty in qualifying for coverage in Ontario and finding the right plan type might seem impossible. Now it doesn’t need to be that difficult.

No Medical life insurance and Simplified issue life insurance make it easy for Canadians to get life insurance coverage fast. You can be covered regardless of whether you’ve been denied in the past, have or had health issues and/or just feel that you are not insurable. No Medical life insurance may be an excellent solution for your coverage needs. Feel you are healthy, but not at 100%, you could qualify for a Simplified Issue plan that is not a full medical, but limited based on your health history, age and other factors. In most cases, the cost of premium is less for Simplified Issue life insurance.



  • You’re a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid work permit
  • You have health problems related to heart disease
  • You’re hard to insure due to your illness
  • You have a dangerous job or participate in high risk sports
  • Fear of needles or dislike of medical exams
  • Your time is valuable, and you simply want the process to be fast


The Human Heart


Changes to products and underwriting are affecting how questions relating to your health are asked, we can help you choose the right provider to assist you in getting the right coverage. Whether you are a smoker, have been denied coverage in the past, are overweight, have diabetes, cancer, heart disease or another illness, apply now to see what you are eligible to receive in coverage.


With No Medical and Simplified Issue life insurance, you may not need to undergo a medical exam to get coverage. With no medical exam, life insurance coverage is easily made more accessible to those that want coverage fast and with little to no inconvenience.


Contact us and we'll helpyou throught the process.

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