Long Term Care - Ontario

LTC Ont The inevitability of deteriorating health comes with age. Deteriorating health, robs people of their ability to persue independent living. This process is progressive and in the absense of a catastrophic event, like stroke or heart attack, it is a slow process, robbing ones independence incrementally. With the Baby Boomer generation beginning to reach the age range where this loss of independence begins to speed up, the Ontario government has stepped in and provides support  to it citizens.

Long Term Care Services in Ontario are part of an integrated health delivey system co-ordinated by

Local Health Integration Network or LHIN

Created by the Ontario government in March 2006, LHINs  are 14 not-for-profit corporations who work with local health providers and community members to determine the health service priorities of our regions. As Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), we plan, integrate and fund local health services, including: 

  • Hospitals 
  • Community Care Access Centres 
  • Community Support Services 
  • Long-term Care 
  • Mental Health and Addictions Services 
  • Community Health Centres.

Support comes in the form of information, support needs assessment, support services in the community, support service co-ordination for care in the home and facility care. Ontario also provides funding for most of these services on a co-pay basis and additional funding on an income tested basis.

The co-ordinating body for long term care in Ontario is provided by Community Care Access Centers or CCAC.

Community Care Access Centres across the province provide access to home and community health care services for Ontario residents and co-ordinate admission to long-term care facilities.

Complex Continuing Care or "CCC" provides continuing, medically complex and specialized services to both young and old, sometimes over extended periods of time. CCC is provided in hospitals for people who have long-term illnesses or disabilities typically requiring skilled, technology-based care not available at home or in long-term care facilities. CCC provides patients with room, board and other necessities in addition to medical care. Co-payment rates for this services are set periodically.

Long Term Care can come in two forms Retirement Homes and Long Term care Facilities.

Retirement Homes

 If you think it would be safer for you to live in an environment that enables y ou to maintain your independence and provide you with light assistance with services such as meals, laundry and housekeeping, a Retirement Home may be the right choice. Keep in mind that Retirement Homes are privately owned and operated, and do not receive funding or licensing from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Long-Term Care Homes

Long-Term Care Homes provide a wide range of services for people who can no longer live independently. These include:

  • Nursing and personal care
  • Regular and emergency medical care by the on-call physician
  • Treatment and medication administration
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Room and board, including laundry services (special diets are also accommodated)
  • Pastoral services
  • Social and recreational programs

All Long-Term Care Homes are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and governed by legislated standards.

Eligibility  and Costs  -

CCAC overseas the eligibility and cost managment of Long Term Facility care.

Choosing A Home

 It is strongly recommended that you or someone you trust to make appointments to visit the Long-Term Care Homes you are considering before you make a final decision.

Directory of Facilities

Directory of Long Term Care Facilities of Ontario are a usefull start to find out their locations in your community when living independently is no longer possible, CCACs coordinate applications to Long-Term Care Homes in the area and across Ontario. Long-Term Care Homes are funded and regulated by the Ministry and Health and Long-Term Care. ~


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