Concepts & Strategies

What are Creative Solution Concepts & Strategies?

SSZENASIThe ability to analyze a problem or goal and devise the best tool or process to solve a problem or achieve the desired goal with the available tools or processes.

It is best described and articulated through the use of analogies.

Imagine a "rubics cube" of blocks comprised of various shapes and sizes. There are endless combination of blocks that may be assembled to produce different common shapes and forms. How about looking at a three-dimensional geometric shape. Often when look at the object from different angle, a very different entity is visualized. The same can be done with financial products.

The best analogy came from the movie Apollo 13. The astronauts were producing too much carbon dioxide as the air scrubbers on the space craft were damaged in the accident, but were working on the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module). The problem was the fittings weren't designed to be compatible; square peg into a round hole, sort of speak. The flight director told the ground support experts to come up with a solution using only things that could be found on the space craft. The group put their heads together with a list of onboard materials and constructed a scrubber fitting from materials onboard never designed for the task at hand.

With over 50 years of experience working with these financial products, observing countless situations and interacting with many experts, from accountants, actuaries, lawyers, financial planning professionals, we picked up an idea or two in assembling these financial products to solve unique problems or achieve desired goal.  We have identified a bunch of such concepts from financial products. This section highlights just a few of these.

This is where the concept of our website name came to be, the 9dots99 nomenclature. In the game where 9dots are created, three across and three down. The player is then asked to without lifting the pencil, draw three straight lines through each dot but, just once.  Well, you see most seem to be constrained by the shape of the dots collectively and try to stay within the box. the only way to accomplish it however is to draw beyond the box, or outside the box, sort of speak. The trailing "99" implies that there may be 99 different ways to aid in solving a set of financial issues.


It is not possible unless, you begin to get away from conventional construct thinking and “think outside the box”.

Once you do you can find several ways to complete the task.

Try it.


...beyond conventional wisdom, lies opportunity...