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Steve M. Szenasi



Creative Solutions Insurance Agency Ltd. is in essence me, Steve M. Szenasi. Incorporation was made for business reasons. I am a proud first generation Hungarian-Canadian refugee. Proud on both counts. Escaped a tyrannical and repressive communist regime after a failed uprising, in November of 1956 to Austria. My mother and step-father applied for refugee status to several countries and Canada was the first to welcome us with open arms. I cannot say enough about the welcome or initial treatment. I grew up in Toronto. Circumstances prevented from  pursuing



9dots99.com LogoCSIA does not represent a single insurer, no we are structured as a brokerage and have direct contracts with some twelve financial firms, to be in a position to offer as wide a range of products as competitively as practical. There have been two major dynamic shifts in the dispensing of financial services advice and product delivery. This is huge. Technology has slowly moved us in this direction but the pandemic has accelerated it at breakneck speed. What I am talking is non face to face advice and sales process. With the use of Zoom, Facetime, Team and a myriad of other platforms, we can meet non face to face by video. Insurance applicants now can apply for life, health and critical illness policies, investment loans, RRSP, TFSA, Segregated Funds all electronically with eSignatures. So how does this help? Well,