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9dots99.com the official website of Creative Solutions Insurance Agency Ltd.  Serving the Province of Ontario, Canada.

We are licensed to provide Ontario Residents Financial Services that include insurance of the person, including saving and investments. Insurance of the person includes products like life insurance of all kinds, loss of income protection, long term disability, critical illness, and long-term care insurance. In the saving and investment arena we are licensed to offer GICs, GIA, and segregated investment funds.

The use of these products is an integral part of the effort to protect the lifestyles of our clients they aspire to both during the income earning years and during retirement. In addition, we help our clients strategies and implement intergenerational wealth transfers.

Most people strive for three major aspirations in life. Spiritual, Emotional and Financial comfort. If we think about it, ALL three are, like a pretzel, a basket weave of inter-connection and interdependence. Creative Solutions Insurance Agency, [CSIA] a financial services organization, is focused on the financial strand  of this interconnection. Financial comfort begets emotional comfort. Emotional and spiritual comfort permits rational pursuit of financial comfort.

What we have found in the past 54 years in working with clients and their circumstances is that a common element exists. While every client circumstance and situation is invariably different, a common set of elements exist.

Many clients, in dealing with their financial well being

  • Don't realize that a problem exists or will emerge if pursuing a given path;
  • Don't realize the magnitude of such a given problem, and thus
  • Have no solution to remedy or control the problem.
  • Are not aware of the solution options available, nor which is the most effective.

CSIA role in helping develop a strategy is six fold:

  1. identify, and bring into focus and prioritize client's life aspirations
  2. quantify, and timeline client goals
  3. identify, quantify and explain financial issues
  4. assist clients to develop a strategy that helps bring to fruition their life aspirations.
  5. Assist in Risk Management
  6. intermediate the implementation of action steps of a given strategy.

A large portion of our clients are families and small business owners. Our principal focus with clients is:

  • Risk Management & Financial Protection

Protect the family and business from the loss or interruption of income created by unforeseen health issues. Many things in life are a risk. Some risks are minor, some are potentially catastrophic.

We help clients with identifying, quantifying and managing the risk to their comfort level.

  • Retirement Saving

Most of our clients pursue several life goals and work hard to provide the necessary funds to realize those life goals. One of the most common is the accumulation of sufficient funds during the income generating years to provide for the "golden years" where "spending"  replaces "saving". Tax Free Savings Account, RRSP are two tax favoured programs that can be used to invest in segregated funds or alternatively in Universal life programs.

We help clients develop and implement strategies that helps them in fulfilling those savings goals.

  • Retirement Income

Having reached the phase of life that changes the emphasis from saving to spending.

We assist clients in making the "nest egg" stretch as far as it needs to. Programs like RRSP can be converted to RRIFs, Privatized Pension funds can be built into manageable portfolios under locked in RRIFs. Likewise for unregistered funds, prescribed annuities can be set up to take advantage of a tax favoured structure of systematic life time income. GMWB structures under segregated funds can also guarantee a lifetime income base.

  • Estate Preservation

Often, decades of meticulous and legitimate tax avoidance techniques, like gas expense deduction claims, help maximize the after tax accumulation of retirement funds. Diligent RRSP plan contributions create more tax deferral allowing for greater investment accumulations. Tax effective  investment strategies further the tax effective accumulations for retirement. After all that lifelong, diligent and often obsessive tax management, most clients still believe that they have paid their fair share of the tax bill and further taxation is unjustified. Clients perceive that unconsumed assets at the end of their life, will be left to beneficiaries of their choosing and most don't include CCRA as a benefactor. In most instances, CCRA won't forgive taxes due. CCRA allows tax deferral, not tax dismissal. The deferrals usually come in a small incremental measure year over year. When the deferral stops and becomes due, its usually massive. Where does the funds come from to pay the tax?

Well in the absence of pre-planning, it comes from the assets of the estate, diminishing significantly the sums destined to intended beneficiaries. Permanent Life insurance like whole life and Universal Life of [UL] can be used to maximize the value of one's estate.

We assist in estate preservation strategies that finance estate obligations like tax liabilities, debt obligations, final expenses etc.~


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" UTILIZE Creative Ideas AND Tax effective Strategies,
Consultancy & Financial Services
Creation AND Preservation of Wealth

Commensurate with clients’ lifestyle aspirations."


...beyond conventional wisdom, lies opportunity....



We are a financial services business started in 1990. We provide financial services and product placement in the areas of group insurance, group RRSP, group mortgages, individual insurance, as well as information, and strategic planning. We conduct our business from our main office in Burlington. We also make office or house calls. Since the insurance industry has accelerated their entry into the electronic age with a vengeance due to the pandemic we are able to expand our services to the entire province.


What does this mean? Well, we can provide our services without having to meet clients face to face. We are able to interact and transact business electronically through the use of the telephone and video conferencing. It is simple to initiate a virtual meeting. I arrange a meeting time with clients then, I email the address to him/her. At the arranged date and time we both log on to the link established and we see each other on the laptop or desktop computer. If intermediary business needs to be transacted be it new business or servicing existing accounts we can do it all by non-face to face. If we need legally binding signatures, we can do through a third party, electronically. The effect to either party is profound. Clients now have the option to meet during the day or after work. Clients do not have to disrupt family or family time at home and in our experience people there are far less interruptions on a video call be it at home or at work.

For us, we can be far more productive as we save travel time. Secondly we can serve the entire province instead of territories that are drivable. We are a long term relationship organization and we value our relationships.  This allows us to be more efficient and effective in serving clients.


Creative Solutions Insurance Agency Ltd., hereinafter called the Firm, is a Canadian firm incorporated and licensed in the province of Ontario, Canada. This license also allows us to place any and all money products offered by life insurance companies, like GICs and Segregated Fund products. In addition, when circumstances so dictate, we can facilitate the placement of insurance policies, for life, critical illness, long term care, disability, travel health, major medical, health and dental protection. We also have strategic alliances with banks an trust companies to facilitate mortgages, investment and RRSP loans, GICs and similar banking products.




STEVE M. SZENASI, President,

Creative Solutions Insurance Agency Ltd.

Steve M. Szenasi, hereinafter called Steve or intermediary. He brings 54+ years of financial services business experience to bear. He has a wide perspective. He worked in the corporate world, helping design and market some of the very products he now makes available to clients. He has run two small businesses and has worked with many others. He understands the needs and culture of medium and small business and the entrepreneurial spirit it takes to make it work.

Life & Health Insurance Risk Appraiser Received his professional training as a Qualified Life & Health Risk Appraiser (Life & Health Underwriter) so he has a working knowledge of how the assessment and risk placement process works giving us a unique ability to help place difficult medical & financial risk for life & health insurance clients. He has worked with many clients and has seen thousands of situation involving a wide variety of situations and solutions.

We employ a holistic approach to developing long term strategies for clients. What we mean by holistic approach, we refer to the Life Plan’s triple armed concept of Spiritual Wellbeing, Relationship Wellbeing and Financial Wellbeing. In our judgment, the best chance of realizing someone’s dream is to plan out the strategy to bring it into fruition. The next consideration is to have your spiritual wellbeing in an optimum state and the relationship wellbeing humming at peak performance when tackling the strategies of financial wellbeing.

The theory behind his holistic approach is the notion that the underlying issue controlling the level of success rests with stress. Two kinds specifically, destructive and constructive stress. Spiritual wellbeing helps manage the destructive stress which then allows the constructive stress to overcome challenges of life in general and the Relationship Wellbeing and finally the Financial Wellbeing specifically. The Relationship Wellbeing when in balance allows to effectively interact with family, friends, colleagues and business associates. This not only helps to manage stress but also provides an amicable environment to accomplish your Life Plan objectives. This holistic approach is not an event but a process.


Our objective is to offer clients the pathways and products that will accomplish the goals of their Life Plan. At the start of product or service utilization we act as intermediary between the client and the product provider. The firms we represent in this process compensate us for this service. Companies we partner with to provide product and service to our clients and customers are:




When placing a financial product, insurance, annuity, investment product, the Firm and its intermediary, receives compensation in the form of commissions, but may also be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses, or non-monetary benefits, such as travel incentives, depending on various factors such as the volume or persistency of business that the firm places with a particular company during a given time period. If a client and the firm agree fee for services may also be charged.


During the course of the relationship, it will be necessary for the client to provide a variety of very personal financial information. The quality of the work undertaken on behalf of the client requires this personal information be accurate and complete. The Firm commits that all information will be held in strictest confidence and that no information shall be divulged about the client’s personal situation to any outside organization or government agency without the client’s prior consent, unless as may be required by law. It is further understood that in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the client directly authorizes and instructs the Firm to maintain information of a personal and private nature that could reasonably be considered pertinent or necessary in the provision of financial advice until such time as requested by the client in writing to destroy such information.


The Firm agrees to notify the client of any and all existing or perceived conflicts of interests, if and when they arise, as they may relate to any recommendations made regarding transactions, prior to or at the time of making such recommendations.

Should you require additional information about my qualifications or the nature of my business relationships, I would be pleased to assist you.


Our practice focuses on the professional and small business entrepreneur and his or her business and family. Our primary focus is to work with these clients in helping them formulate, implement and maintain a strategic financial action plan for the business and family throughout its life cycle to facilitate the fulfillment of the stated objectives at every phase. We bring to bear 54+ years of life experience in the financial services industry and employ risk management techniques, saving and investment strategies as well as intermediary services to facilitate the acquisition of financial services products necessary for the fulfillment of the strategic elements. We position ourselves as long term partners of our clients in seeing their goals materialize. ~


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