Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance


Life insurance provides for your loved ones after you are gone. Living Benefit Plans provide for a lump sum benefit payment upon the first diagnosis of a list of covered contingencies while you are alive. Often maladies strike with devastating force regardless of how well we look after ourselves.

External forces and hereditary pre dispositions often become contributors to catastrophic maladies.

Most Canadians refer to these as the "dreaded diseases"  but do not have a real appreciation of the frequency or survivability  with which these calamities occur. These plans provide much needed capital to manage through such dire times.

Did you know

  • 70% of open heart operations are coronary bypasses.
  • 75% of stroke victims survive the initial attack!
  • 85% of kidney transplants are successful!

With socialized medicine many Canadians assume that health-care expenses are covered and no reason to be concerned. Indeed, we are very fortunate to have access to healthcare without worry about being able to afford it. Governments have a constant struggle with funding healthcare as it is a significant portion of the social umbrella mandated by the voter. As such a number of aspects of healthcare are not covered, nor are most of the ancillary costs that crop up that we as patients or caregivers of patients don't always factor into the total cost.


He are some to consider:

  • Rx drugs - and supplementary health insurance is accessible at all, typically has a maximum easily exceeded by a major illness.;
  • Medical supplies - like catheters, needles prosthetic supplies, which all add up quickly;
  • Parking to be at bedside of a loved one; - $10-$20 per visit,
  • Gas to and from hospital, clinic, tests;
  • Loss of Time (and the associated loss of pay or vacation time) from work for caregivers or patient;
  • Experimental medicines which are very expensive.
  • Worry. anxiety and poor decisions made about treatment due to worry of cost and burdens on caregivers.


Where are funds for these costs come from?  Yes, you can dig into retirement savings - but that's robbing Peter to pay Paul. You can go into debt, but that's just delaying and increasing the financial pain.

The last thing that should distract or aggravate the health issue, is the financial issue. You should be focused on the resolution of the illness and nothing else.

Living benefit plans are relatively new to the Canadian market. They are very popular in England. Simply put it is an insurance plan that pays a non-taxable lump sum benefit on the diagnosis of certain covered maladies.

Many of these maladies are beyond our abilities to guard against effectively. These conditions can manifest themselves accidentally or genetically. In these cases no amount of preventative care may be effective. We felt our clients may be interested in this type of coverage.


What situations does it protect?


  • depletion of retirement savings!
  • necessary lifestyle adjustment!
  • mortgage & other debt obligations


  • cover profit loss
  • cover lost contracts
  • fund buy sell agreements
  • protect lines of credit

Critical Illness protection can be an excellent vehicle in a key person insurance situation if an catastrophic illness were to strike a key person in your business. With 40+ years of financial services industry experience, we are well positioned to provide the input you need to make an informed decision with respect to the exact coverage and insurers will fulfill your needs. Lastly, there is a component of Critical Illness that gives you your money back if you didn't need the coverage due to no illness. The only cost is a loss of the opportunity cost. The intangible benefit of having the coverage is that it is well understood that recovery is more complete and shorter if the patients focus and phycological health is sound and targeted at recovery and not the negatives of financial concerns.¬

Critical Insurance as explained by Canada Life in a short video,

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We have access to a number of insurers offering this type of protection.

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