Looking Ahead to See the Past

Looking Ahead to See your Past

If you were to close your eyes for a moment and look ahead to age, say 70, how would you see yourself and your life?

Spiritually; compared to now, are you content, at peace and have you fulfilled the expectations of your belief system? Is your moral compass at true north and has it been there throughout?

Relationships; Concerning relationships with your spouse, children,  friends and employees, is it up to your expectations and are you in a good place? How about your self worth, has it reached it optimal contribution to yourself, to society?

Financially; are you content with your accomplishments. Have you provided a satisfactory lifestyle to your family, your employees? If by chance, you don’t make it to your full life expectancy, have you made provision that the lifestyle you imagined for your family will continue, or your philanthropic aspirations become realized?

This of course is your wish list, your goals and aspirations. For our purposes we’ll call them ‘life-goals’. Do you see any impediments to realizing your ‘life goals’? If not, we commend you and press on doing exactly as you are doing. On the other hand, if you see some impediments, or the path is not clear to achieving your life goals you don’t have to feel lonely, you have lots of company.

Here is where the title of this piece comes into play. By looking ahead, that is towards your ‘life-goals’, internalize them, in every aspect; spiritual, relationship, self worth, and financial, you have created the rudiments of a ‘life-goal’ plan.

Our goal is to help you develop YOUR plan. We can provide you with a clear path to turning your dream into reality. This is not an event but a process. Our participation in this process is to provide guidance, create a skeleton and allow you to put ‘the meat on the bones.’

In my business experience, now coming up to 55 years, I have come across situations where folks have no discernable plan and have no idea where to begin, others have spent years successfully spinning wheels but had no idea how to take it to the next level and felt unfulfilled and frustrated. Many people are hard working, industrious, have their “nose to the grindstone” but haven’t the time or the inclination to look up and just take a stock of their circumstances. Then there is the group that have all the tools to go way beyond their current lot in life but are convinced they know best and challenge or contest every step.  These folks, we choose not to help.

Why am I doing this? Well, two reasons. One, it is part of my plan to in part, fulfill my spiritual wellbeing by helping others with the skill sets I have. Second, there are very few successful PLANS that do not involve some of the financial services in which I am involved and that helps fulfill the Financial component of my plan.

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