The 9dots


From where did the site name 9dots99 come to be. Well let’s analyse that. We need to break that down into two parts, “9dots” and “99”. The conceptual origins of 9dots came from the notion of creative thinking or approach to solving problems. Most have heard of the reference of having to “think outside the box” to get away from conventional construct or thinking.

To graphically illustrate the point, one is asked to imagine 9 dots constructed in a box format, uniformly, three across and three down.

Now, the next step is, to imagine four {4} individual straight lines. Then, draw the four straight lines consecutively such that, you only go through each dot once.

It is not possible unless, you begin to get away from conventional construct thinking and “think outside the box”. Once you do you can find several ways to complete the task. Try it. 

Once you have tried it, watch the following video.~

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