Health and Welfare Trusts for Employees


SUBJECT: INCOME TAX ACT - Health and Welfare Trusts for Employees.

REFERENCE: Paragraph 6(1)(a) and section 104 (also subsections 6(4), 12.2(3), (4), and (7), paragraphs 6(1)(f), 56(1)(d), and (d.1), 60(a), 110(8)(a) and subparagraphs 148(9)(c)(vii) and (ix); also section 19 of the Income Tax Application Rules, 1971 (ITAR))

Bulletin Information

The general thrust of paragraph 6(1)(a) is to include in employment income the value of all benefits received or enjoyed in respect of an employee's employment. However, there are a number of specific exceptions many of which can be described as benefits relating to the health and welfare of the employee. In some cases, the scope of the excepted benefits and applicable tax treatment are well established by other provisions of the Act, (e.g., registered pension funds or plans, deferred profit sharing plans, supplementary unemployment benefit plans, the standby charge for the use of an employer's automobile, employee benefit plans and employee trusts). The treatment to be accorded to the other exceptions can be less clear, particularly when the benefits form part of an omnibus health and welfare program administered by an employer. The purpose of this bulletin is to describe the tax treatment accorded to an employee health and welfare benefit program that is administered by an employer through a trust arrangement and that is restricted to

  • (a) a group sickness or accident insurance plan 
  • (b) a private health services plan,
  • (c) a group term life insurance policy, or
  • (d) any combination of (a) to (c)

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